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Please take this opportunity to let us know if you are looking for specific portraits. We will send you information as soon as we have details and images what you are looking for.Please fill in the following form to build a profile of what you are looking for.

Please give the name and dates of the sitter and any other information e.g William Shakespeare 1558-1616
Please name the portrait artist you collect and describe the type of portrait you are looking for.
Decorative Portraits

Portraits can be of any date and period. Collectors will be interested in adding portraits of specific dates to room settings, letting the sitter in the portrait, clothed in period dress add more significance to a space. Decorative portraits of unnamed sitters can be collected. Named sitters with known biographical detail will provide anecdotal information to the collector that can be shared with anyone interested in the portrait.

In order for us to provide you with helpful service please fill in the form bellow which will help us to provide you with images of portraits that you are specifically looking for.

Please describe in full what you are looking for. e.g Portrait of an architect from the 18th century With a building in the background, the architect holding plans.
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