Joseph Osmond Barnard, 1816 - 1865
Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Fortescue 1801-1867
Lady Elizabeth Fortescue
1st April 1840
oil on ivory
6 x 5 cm. (2.1/2 x 2 in.)


Miniature painting on ivory, rectangular form


Lady Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Castle Hill was born on 10 July 1801 in Powderham Castle, Devon. She died on 27 January 1867 in Powderham Castle, Devon. She was buried on 2 February 1867 in Powderham Castle, Devon. Parents: 1st Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Hester GRENVILLESpouse: Viscount William Reginald COURTNEY 11th Earl of Devon. Lady Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Castle Hill and Viscount William Reginald COURTNEY 11th Earl of Devon were married on 27 December 1830.

Artist biography

Joseph Osmond Barnard was born in Portsmouth, England in 1816. He arrived in Mauritius in 1838. A year later he married a young woman of Dutch origin. An advertisement in a local newspaper Le Cern‚en of March 9, 1839 described Barnard as a miniature painter and engraver. Although he had little experience in engraving miniature portraits, his attempts to engrave the Queen''s head were surprisingly successful. The one penny orange-red and the deep blue two pence, Post Office stamps engraved on copper plate by Barnard were put for sale on September 22, 1847. Barnard died in 1865 at his Sugar Estate, purchased in 1862 near Grand Port.